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Beyond Death

As God's people, we face death not with fear but with hope because love has opened our eyes to see beyond death.  It is in the light of Jesus' resurrection that each Christian should prepare for death by preplanning the details of our funerals as a final gift to the people we love.  In doing so,  we help lighten the burden for our families and friends at their time of loss and grief.

For members of St. Mary of the Harbor, funerals are an act of worship where we commemorate the departed and give thanks to God for their life. Set in the context of Holy Eucharist, we commend them to God's eternal care while comforting one another in our loss. 


St. Mary of the Harbor provides space in the churchyard for members who wish to have their ashes interred.  You can learn more about planning your funeral by clicking on the link below. 




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