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A wedding is a joyous occasion for couples who enter into a covenant of matrimony before God and their families and friends. At St. Mary of the Harbor, marriage is a sacramental rite where the priest, acting on behalf of the church, pronounces God’s blessing upon a couple's relationship and seeks God’s grace to sustain them throughout life and help them fulfill their vows to one another.  


To be married in the church, at least one person must be a baptized Christian, the marriage has to be attested to by two witnesses of legal age, and the marriage must conform to the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.  


All couples seeking to be married at St. Mary of the Harbor will enter into a series of conversations with the priest regarding the sacramental nature of love and married life.  For couples who do not live near Provincetown, arrangements for these conversations can sometimes be arranged with another member of the clergy who lives nearer the couple. Dates for weddings are confirmed only after the completion of discussions and with the priest's approval.  To learn more, click the link below.

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